Trading Contest FAQ

Q: Can I use the faucet more than once?

A: No. The initial portfolio of virtual assets can be requested from the faucet once per address.

Q: Will inactive members be excluded from the leaderboards?

A: They won’t, as it can affect the accurate qualification schedule. For example, this measure would exclude traders who choose to swap everything for USDC and hold until the end of the contest. Such passive strategies are perfectly viable, and traders who employ them can expect to have their place on the leaderboard.

Q: Will there be a trade history page?

A: Yes, we are working on it. Follow us on Twitter for upcoming dev updates to get notified when it's live.

Q: Wen rewards?

A: All contest winners will get special NFT badges in three weeks after we wrap up the contest on the specific network. These badges make users eligible for a share of the future airdrop conducted by Marginly. The airdrop will happen after Marginly mainnet launch, the exact date is TBA.

Q: What's the difference between all these NFTs in Galxe? Please briefly explain which is needed for what.

A: There are 3 NFTs and an OAT available on Marginly Galxe. Marginly Paper Plane is a basic NFT badge to award for following Marginly socials. This badge is a mandatory requirement to be eligible for trading contest prizes.

Marginly Airplane is a more senior badge to award for completing the on-chain task in the Marginly app beta. It’s required for getting Marginly Rocket.

Marginly Rocket is the rarest Marginly NFT badge. This badge is to award team captains for their active participation in trading contests and to be raffled among especially distinguished users in other Marginly campaigns on Galxe. This badge entitles holders to a share in the future Marginly airdrop.

Marginly Paper Plane OAT is similar to the Marginly Paper Plane. The only difference is that users don’t have to pay for gas when they get it.

Q: I want to swap assets in my portfolio. Is there a way to do that?

A: Sure! You can swap assets directly on the trade screen. Select desired pool and click "Swap".

Q: Where do I check my liquidation price and funding rate?

A: Click on the info button in the bottom right corner to see estimated funding rate and liquidation price on the trade screen

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