User positions

User positions inside Marginly have following parameters:


Base amount

User’s ETH collateral: Total user ETH = Base amount * Base Collateral Coef


User’s discounted ETH debt: Total base debt = Base amount * Accrued rate

Quote amount

User’s USDC collateral: Total user USDC = Quote amount * Quote Collateral Coef


User’s discounted USDC debt: Total quote debt = Quote amount * Accrued rate


Type of position:

  • Uninitialized (by default)

  • Lend (quote amount and base amount as collateral)

  • Short (quote amount - as collateral, base amount - as debt)

  • Long (quote amount - as debt, base amount - as collateral)

Heap position

Index of position in leverage heap (short or long).

By default, 0 (meaning the id doesn’t exist in any leverage heaps). Otherwise, the index of the heap equals heap position minus 1.

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