High level overview of the Marginly protocol.

Marginly is a smart contract-based margin trading & derivatives application that allows users to take up to 20x leveraged long and short positions on crypto-assets across different DEXes and AMMs such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, Curve, Balancer, and others.

Marginly provides slick leveraged swap interfaces built with the mobile-first approach and simplified integration with DeFi aggregators, routers, and wallets.


  • B2B-ready: Integrate leveraged trading and farming into your protocol’s interface.

  • Fully on-chain: Marginly works with wide range of on-chain oracles and doesn’t require off-chain information

  • Asset Variety: Open any pool on Marginly as long as there is corresponding liquid AMM pool.

  • Margin trading: Trade up to 20x leveraged (long & short) with trade execution through liquidity pools of connected DEX-es.

  • Leveraged Farming: Farm yield by borrowing WETH to leverage long LRTs and LSTs.

Tech features

  • Fully decentralized: Marginly uses no off-chain information and relies on Uniswap v3 oracles.

  • Risk segregation: Each Marginly liquidity pool is comprised of a single risk asset and a stablecoin. With this approach, the risk is fully isolated to a single volatile asset thus making it more predictable and manageable. Marginly risk framework allows utilizing borrowed capital with maximum efficiency while ensuring strict controls over the pool solvency.

  • Liquidity Infinity Loop: Marginly enables a self-reinforcing cycle in which assets can be reused by the opposite party as leverage for their trades. In other words, longs pay shorts, while shorts pay longs.

  • Deleveraging vs. Liquidations: In case of margin calls, the system automatically reduces the amount of debt in a portfolio by reversing trades within its pools instead of auctioning positions out on linked DEXes.

  • Order routing: Marginly is designed to execute spot trading across multiple DeFi protocols in different blockchains, which helps aggregate liquidity and enables long-tail asset trading.

Marginly v1

For the initial version of Marginly, we want it simple and efficient serving as a proof of concept. Refer to "Future Plans" section to get a glimpse into what we have in store for upcoming versions of the protocol. Open discussion on this subject is encouraged: feel free to use a dedicated Discord channel to voice your opinion and reach out to developers and other active community members.

Supported blockchain networks

Arbitrum Blast

More are to come.

Be wary of scammers: always make sure that you are interacting with the official websites. Do not connect your wallets to unofficial websites offering free tokens or promoting investment opportunities.

Please use our Discord support channel if there is anything else you'd like to know about Marginly.

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